Proofreading of scientific article

Correction of scientific articles is a core area of ​​Task Correction. We are a team […]

Correction of scientific articles is a core area of ​​Task Correction. We are a team of professional reviewers with the expertise to correct scientific articles, doctoral dissertations and other texts at a high scientific level.

Our thesis is precisely thesis proofing, and we are one of the leading agencies in academic proofing of bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, PhD theses, master’s projects and all other study-related tasks in English.

Competent reviewers

We have brought together a team of expert reviewers who are all expert in proofreading. We receive up to several applications weekly from highly qualified reviewers, and we choose to associate those applicants with special prerequisites and capabilities in proofreading major university assignments.

We currently have 5-10 competent reviewers we can draw on. Other review agencies have many more, but in our experience, there is rarely a correlation between quality and a very high number of external reviewers.

At Task Correction, we prioritize few but competent reviewers who, over time, gain extensive experience in proofreading scientific articles or other academic texts.

All our reviewers are trained in a relevant subject area: journalism, correspondent, Cand.ling.merc. and Cand.mag. We only use professional proofreaders, and we could never dream of putting a student to read proofreading in an academic text, written in a specialized and scientific language.

Read about our review team here.

Scientific article 

Whether the article is written in English, we have a professional reviewer ready. We can correct both articles written in British English and American English, and we guarantee high quality in proofreading. Read more about proofreading assignments in English.

If there is the least, we always talk to the customer to correct any errors or omissions in the proofreading.

But let us emphasize that it is very rare for us to find that a customer has a reservation about the correction. But if we do, we act professionally and on the basis that the customer has a point.

As a guarantee that we do our job properly and seriously, the customer does not pay for the work until it is approved. At Task Correction, we feel it is best that the payment falls only when the proofreading is approved.

We treat all submitted material with complete confidentiality

University assignments are confidential documents that should not be randomly moved between the writer, the reviewer and the reviewer.

At Task Correction we treat all submitted material and all personal information confidentially and with a duty of confidentiality.

It is the owner of Task Correction, Jan Boysen Billund, who is responsible for the safety. He is – to use a legal term – responsible for data. Our reviewers are also data processors. The same is the company hosting our website.

We have entered into binding agreements with all data processors to ensure that clients’ personal data and texts sent to us are processed in accordance with all the law and with the highest possible degree of confidentiality and professionalism.

Read more about security and confidentiality here.

Track changes – see what you pay for

When we correct a scientific article, it always happens with track changes. This means that all the fixes are tracked so that they are visible to the customer.

The customer can go through the corrections one by one and accept them continuously so that they are implemented in the text. If there is a correction that you do not believe is correct, you can reject it to restore the original spelling or wording. However, it is extremely rare that we experience disagreement about a correction.

We typically find that the reviewer adds 20-30 corrections to the text. page, so it can be an elongated affair to go through all the corrections throughout the scientific article manually. You can therefore advantageously go through a few pages, and if you are comfortable with the work, you can subsequently accept all the other corrections at once.

Comments on the language of the scientific article

Proofreading a scientific article is more than just the correction of formal errors. Academic proof also implies that the proofreader relates to whether the language is well-worded, understandable and accurate.

Therefore, you will find that in the scientific article text boxes with comments on the language are added. It may be a suggestion for reformulation or a reference to the APA if the reviewer sees a problem with the reference technique in the scientific article.

When we review texts, we are generally careful not to correct anything wrong. If we have doubts about the meaning of a sentence or passage, we always write it in a comment.