10 benefits of professional proofreading

You can fix your task yourself. But you hardly spit more than 4-6 errors per […]

You can fix your task yourself. But you hardly spit more than 4-6 errors per day. page. Ok, you’re thinking. But then I get my study buddy to read through the thesis as well. Good idea, and your friend will probably spot some errors on the page as well. But he probably needs $ 500 to read the entire thesis. After all, it’s a shit.

So the question is whether you should throw in a bit and get your assignment – whether it be a bachelor’s thesis, a thesis, a master’s project or even a PhD thesis – directed by a professional reviewer.

Then you typically get corrected between 20 and 40 errors per. page. That’s just one of the benefits of professional proofreading. Here are 10 more.

  1. Good language = good character

Good language is included in the assessment of your assignment. Especially if the task lies on the flip between two characters, the language will often be a decisive element that ticks the character to the right side. The language moves the character, but how much it depends on how good the language is.

Your friend can’t move the language much. But it can be a professional reviewer who typically corrects between 20-40 errors per year. page in academic texts. And that makes a difference, because according to the Executive Order on Examinations, the student’s spelling and wording skills are required in assessment.

  1. Much cheaper than you think

Most people realize how cheap it is to get professional proofing done. A bachelor’s thesis of 30 pages can typically be fixed for a thousand, while a typical thesis is double. So there is a far cry from earlier fields of proof of proof, where you had to cough up with 4-5,000 $ for a thesis.

Academic correct is cheap and the quality is still top – at least with Task Correction.

  1. Corrects much more than commas and typos

If you get an uncle or big sister to fix your task, they may catch 5-7 errors per day. page. But that number represents only a fraction of the errors that are likely. A professional reviewer will typically spot and correct between 20-40 errors per page. This applies to comma errors and misspellings, but many other types of errors will also be corrected with professional proofing. And what you certainly do not get anywhere else than a professional reviewer is linguistic adaptations that are done in accordance with an academic writing style.

  1. Simplicity and speed

The days when sending paper back and forth, talking a lot on the phone and waiting, waiting, waiting to get his assignment back from proofing is over. Today it is easy and fast to order proofing, because everything is done online with just a few clicks. But most importantly, the delivery time is shaved right down to where a thesis is corrected within a few days. It’s service, so it batter. It’s easy, fast and cheap.

  1. Track changes

With track changes you as a customer have the opportunity to see all the corrections that have been made. At Task Correction, we always correct track changes, regardless of whether the proofing is done in Word or in LaTex. You can see what changes we made to the task.

You also get a version of the task where the changes are accepted in the text. This version of the assignment is ready to be handed in and judged.

  1. Free trial proofing

At Task Correction, we would like to show you what we must do before committing to an order of proof. The concept is free trial proofing, and we offer this to all potential customers who are considering submitting a professional proofreading assignment. The only condition is that the assignment is more than 25 pages.

You just send us a few pages and we will correct them and return them to you. You look at the work and assess whether the proof is worth the money. It is free of charge and completely without any obligation to the customer. Read more here.

  1. ALL is deleted after three weeks

You might think it is a risk to submit a proofreading job at an agency. Let’s puncture it right away.

At Assignment Proof, your assignment is treated 100% confidentially. We have rigorous procedures for how we process customer data, including the tasks we receive, and all our reviewers sign a confidentiality agreement that ensures a professional and risk-free handling of your assignment.

ALL data is deleted after three weeks and your assignment is not exposed to plagiarism checks because you send it to us. Read more about confidentiality here.

  1. Basic or plus proofing?

Proofing is not just proofing. Well, if it is your study buddy who is correcting, proofreading is just proofreading. But at a professional agency like Task Correction, you choose your own form of proof.

If you are able to articulate in a reasonably fluent language, you may just have your assignment corrected for formal errors. That form of proof is called Basis. But if you know that it can also tease out sentences and that the words are sometimes not quite right, you should choose Plus. Plus is a form of proofing that includes corrections of obscure language.

The price difference is not large, but you decide whether you want to just get the assignment checked for errors or whether you also want unclear sentences reworded.

  1. British English or American English?

There are a lot of assignments in higher education that are written in English – even written specifically in either British English or American English.

At a professional review agency like Task Correction, we have experienced review staff in the staff who are very familiar with academic English and who have a thorough knowledge of English spelling.

Many of them have English as their mother tongue, so if you submit your assignment for proofing with us, you will receive quality proofing – in English.

  1. Divide the review

There are new times in the proofing market, and the agencies that ‘stick to’ careers are dwindling.

For an agency like Task Correction, service really means a lot in the overall product package, and it is therefore natural that we also service those customers who want their bachelor thesis or thesis to be corrected on an ongoing basis.

We are very flexible, and if the customer wants continuous proofing, that is what we do – at no extra cost.